Infrastructure (IN)

IN wiki (CERN only)

The IN section is responsible for the:

* CERN Accelerator complex Frontend Systems

Specification, procurement, integration tests, operational installation and support of the Accelerator embedded systems in VME, cPCI and PICMG1.3, mTCA, PXIe form factors, distributed across the complete CERN Accelerator chain, from the LINACs up to the LHC.

* CERN Accelerator complex Fieldbuses Infrastructure

Deployment and operational support of the MIL-1553, WorldFIP, General Machine Timing (GMT) and White Rabbit field buses used for long-distance and sometimes radiation tolerant control of systems such as the LHC power converters, the LHC quench protection system, the LHC cryogenics system and the control of the Injector complex power converters.

* Infrastructure Asset Management and Diagnostics

Management of the Accelerator control system hardware assets (hardware boards, crates, processors, etc.) from the procurement until the final dismantlement.

Specification and development of all low-level remote diagnostic software required to operate the CERN accelerators` control system hardware infrastructure, including amongst others SNMP, AMT and IPMI.