Measurement, Test & Analysis (MTA)

MTA wiki (CERN only)

The MTA section is responsible:

* To develop turnkey solutions for measurement & test systems and data analysis applications for accelerator components, based on LabVIEW, Python and COTS equipment, specializing in NI Hardware such as PXIe and cRIO

* To develop and maintain a framework of Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE),

based on LabVIEW, used in accelerators and experiments, which includes interfaces to accelerator middleware, access control, data bases and timing.

* To Develop Test, measurement, calibration and validation systems for low level Control and laboratory systems

* To develop and maintain the integration of COTS based real-time systems in the accelerator infrastructure based on controls’ middleware and timing (GMT and White Rabbit)

* for LHC Post Mortem Analysis software and the LHC collimator and goniometer low-level control software in LabVIEW RT and FPGA

* to provide CERN-wide support for LabVIEW desktop, real-time and FPGA and organise training in collaboration with the CERN technical training and NI

* for the contracts with NI and INCAA Computers