Electronics Production & Radiation Tolerant (EPR)

Provide CERN-wide support in the domain of Printed Circuits Boards (PCB), electronic systems assembly, radiation testing, radiation monitoring for the electronics and radiation test facilities for radiation tolerance assessment.

The ERP section provides:

* Service of PCB Layout design for electronic boards and crates

* Service for electronic cards assembly and cabling, internally or by subcontracting including components procurement.

* Procurement of bare PCB, manufactured internally at CERN or by subcontracting

* Manufacture and Assembly for prototypes in fast track production lines

* Repair and modification of electronic systems

* Service of radiation testing on electronic components and systems as well

* Support on radiation tolerant and high availability electronics design* Coordination and the operation of the the CC60 gamma and CHARM radiation test facilities at CERN.

* Design, installation, operation and maintenance of the RADMON monitoring system

* Design, installation, operation and maintenance of the IoT Wireless Radiation monitoring

For further information, please explore the EPR section website by clicking here.